I'm trying to get Thickbox set up on my site for my "login" and
"forgot password" forms. Once clicked, these two links will open a
Thickbox allowing the user to login or reset their password. I'm using the
AJAX Content on the Thickbox example page: http://jquery.com/demo/thickbox/

The site I'm working on is here: http://www.kentuckygolfing.com/home

Problem 1: The problem comes into effect on IE7 and seemingly no other
browser that I've tested. If you browse to my test site above and then
click "login" from the top right header area a Thickbox window pops
up. If you close this window (without trying to login) and once that
Thickbox window closes, you click on "forgot password" it comes duplicates the
TB_Title area. This only happens when you click one link that
brings up a Thickbox window and then close and then open up another.
If you open one and then close and then refresh and then open up
another link, thickbox is fine.

The demo page examples do not seem to have these bugs, so I don't know what could be interfering? I've tried every combination of things that I can and nothing seems to fix it.

Also, I've discovered that this only happens with the AJAX Content
example from the Thickbox examples page. If I use an IFrame, this does
not happen. The only reason I'm not using an IFrame is because I
cannot figure out how, once "submit" is clicked on the login form or
forgot password form, that I can close the thickboxIFrame and reload the
original page so that the user is now logged in. When I use an IFrame with
the login form, after submit is clicked, the user gets the
confirmation message that they logged in successfully and then it
opens up the homepage inside of the thickbox IFrame rather than
the original browser window. So... if someone has any pointers there too, I'm all ears.

Problem 2: Last thing I've noticed is that in FireFox on Mac, when Thickbox is
loaded, the dark gray overlay in the background of the thickbox does
not load. It just stays transparent, but the thickbox still functions
correctly, just not overly in the background.

Thoughts on how to fix these problems?