Hello all,
As one of my duties for the company I work for I built and maintain the website. Our site needs to be appealing to the sighted and blind community. It's all nice and accessible now, I used only HTML with CSS.
Now I'm told I must make a page with audio testimonials as well as a video and I'm over my head a bit. The only way I know how to put audio in is to <a href> it. I've never done video. And I need to make it all accessible.
What I have in my mind is a single page that have all the audio and video embedded (if I'm using the word properly) on it with little controls that a blind user can use as well as it looking appealing visually. I'd prefer not to link each file so it opens in a different page.
I'm really not sure how to do this, I've googled it, and I've tried using this: <embed src="audio.mp3" autostart=false loop=false height=62 width=144 controls="console"> that I picked up from somewhere, but it shows no console. The audio is all mp3, the video is mpeg.
I'm afraid I'm going to need a basic tutorial, and I can't find one on the web, at least not one that's newer than 8 years old. Any help you can give would be appreciated.