I miss more examples from the The Art & Science of JavaScript especially chapter 5 on metaprogramming. More precisely:

  1. The self-executing Function Pattern.
  2. The module pattern.
  3. The (generic) iteration methods.
  4. The DOM builder module.
  5. The sumo microformats parser.

Anybody that know Dan Webb's blog very well? Are there additional examples there?

The future importance of microformats as a standard and microformats and SEO.

"Remember back when “XML” was the huge buzzword of the time? The idea that anyone could sit down, open up a basic text editor, and create custom XML tags that fit their business from which anyone else could take and translate for their own was a revolutionary concept. Microformats is esentially an extension of this philosophy, only instead of a free-for-all of different XML tags microformats adheres to the basic rules of leveraging technology everyone already has access to aka XHTML via your web browser. The are 2 types of Microformats, they are compound microformats and elemental microformats, the difference between these two are as follows".