It started the same as this post:

so i did the script/destroy on my model/controller. Then ran:
$ script/generate scaffold Contact name:string email:string

Then i figured i needed my controller again so i ran the controller:
$ script/generate controller Story

So i try and see the page via: script/server

and i get:
Routing Error

No route matches "/story" with {:method=>:get}

I know this has been done improperlly now but I really do not know where to start again (how do i get rid of EVERYTHING properly to start fresh?). What do i run and what should i not run when i restart ?

This is all new to me, so now following a book which is out of date is becoming troublesome.

(the book just incase there more than one is "Build Your Own Ruby on Rails Web Applications")
Thanks for the help in advance.