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    Question Help with Navigation

    Hi everyone,
    I'm pretty new to this whole website design thing and I'm looking for some help on my navigation pane that I am creating.

    I have a vertical navigation list already created with colors and location on the web page determined. What I want to do now is to show a list of subcategories when a user hovers over each of the primary list values. I then what the user to have the choice to be able to select either the primary list value or one of the subcategories. For example: if one of the primary values is "fishing", the the subcategories may be "fly fishing" or "ice fishing". The "fishing" page will have info on it but so will the "fly fishing" page so I want the user to be able to select either one.

    I also want the primary list to indicate which page the user is on by using text or background color. So if they are on the "fishing" page I want the box that the "fishing" page name is listed in to be a different color.

    If anyone can give me a hand with this it would be greatly appreciated. As I said previously I'm basically a newbie so detailed instructions would be a big help. Thanks in advance!

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    Hi Teresa, and welcome to SitePoint!

    Sounds to me like you want a vertical dropdown menu. If that's the case, then the Son of Suckerfish dropdown menu will be what you want to use. Here's a vertical example of the menu in action:


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