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    Unhappy !!Help PHP Application Portal

    Please dear friends iam a desparete new beginer in programing i am just from Nigeria for some times now i have been searching to see if i can get a source code to help me develop a web site for my school
    Here goes
    first i want you to check out this web site
    WEAC this web site worked with a data base inthe sensethat
    before any candidate can check his result,to know score (result) he has to get a scratched card which has pin and serial number.
    the card valid for five times cheecking only

    Again you cant use the card for another candidtate

    please friends i think this place is the final bustop for me to get such code and help. i will be ver grateful
    here is the Tips on what i mean..

    There will be a page for inputing candadates results (for school teachers only)
    There will be another page for editing students/candidates results(admins only)
    There will be a page for deleting students results(webmasters only0
    there will be a page for generating pins and serial number (webmasters only)
    The there will be a defult page for students/candidates to check their results
    with their examination Number, year of exam,Pin and serial number

    Please i need help
    thank you
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