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    Use Results from Query to conduct 2nd Query

    I first query a table called Points for all rows. This table holds x and y points in longitude and latitude. I then while loop the results to get each row. I then want to run a new query on a second table called segments in which I will use the stored x,y data as a condition or variable in the query. I can get this to run for one point but not for all the points. Can you use data from one table to use for a query in another table? I would try to use JOIN but the tables do not relate, I just need to evaluate each point, the problem is there are hundreds of points. Here is my code.

    $pointresults = mysql_query("SELECT * FROM points");
    $num_points = mysql_num_rows($pointresults);
    if($num_points == 0) {
    echo "No Points in Table, There is an Error!";
    else {
    // get each row
    while($mypointrow = mysql_fetch_array($pointresults))
    $thelon = $mypointrow['Longitude'];
    $thelat = $mypointrow['Latitude'];

    $result = "SELECT poly_id, Segment_id FROM segments WHERE ( longa > $thelng OR longb > $thelng )
    AND ( (lata > $thelat AND latb < $thelat )
    OR (latb > $thelat AND lata < $thelat ) )";

    $resultnumrows = mysql_num_rows($result2);

    Any help would be appreciated.

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    actually, they are related, so, yes, you can join them
    SELECT s.poly_id
         , s.Segment_id 
      FROM segments AS s
      JOIN points AS p
        ON ( s.longa > p.Longitude 
          OR s.longb > p.Longitude )
       AND ( (s.lata > p.Latitude AND s.latb < p.Latitude )
          OR (s.latb > p.Latitude AND s.lata < p.Latitude ) ) | @rudydotca
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