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    Hows it Possible?


    This is more of a general question then a problem Im running into.

    Is it really possible to design a whole complex site without using tables at all? Iv e been making websites for 10+ years with tables, and trying to convert over to this CSS stuff, and I just do not see how it is possible.

    With complex sites, are all the parts of the sites put into place with different margins?

    How would you go about making table-like DIVs with multiple columns.

    I guess my main question is am I supposed to just throw a thousands DIVs in the page and move them around with the float and margin properties?

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    In short, yes it is definitely possible to make a complex site using no tables. It may take a while for you to latch but after a while it will click.

    Positioning of different elements in CSS can be done a number of ways. Floating elements is a good approach since it keeps them in the document flow which is always a good thing. Absolutely positioning elements is a tonne easier but is not expandable and is generally considered bad practice to code an entire site just with AP elements.

    You should buy Sitepoints book: "Build Your Own Web Site The Right Way Using HTML & CSS" -

    It covers everything you will need to know. Also make sure to have a look at the CSS reference when you are stuck...
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