Hi guys,
I have posted a question on this about a week ago but no replies so I think I'll have a go from a different approach!

I am using wordpress as a CMS and want to have the users be able to edit the multiple pararaphs on the home page.

The home page is seperated into different columns etc through css. the final product should look something like this:


I thought I could set up the different sections as seperate posts, so that the user can jsut go into the edit posts area and only see the text for that section (not worry about messing up formatting etc etc..)

however the only way i could do that was with the plugin 'get-a-post' and it interfered with another plugin i need for elsewhere on the site so i had to unplug it.

the other idea i had was to make each different section a page and include it using php, i tried this but the include didn't do anything, but then i'm not very good at php!!!

does anyone have any ideas or pointers on the simplest way to do this?

Thanks so much. I just really need a nudge in the right direction!