People come to the Internet by the scores, looking for ways to make buckets of money, for doing as little as possible. Is it any wonder that so many fail? The fact of the matter is this: network marketing requires work. Or does it? According to the gurus it requires that you buy all their books, videos and what-not, and someday, riches will arrive at your door.

The major flaw in the guru plan is that the majority of the people buying and reading their material have absolutely no desire to put the information into action. Why? Because they want to get rich quick, with as little effort as possible. We all know that to make it in a home business opportunity of any kind, the war cry of the successful is, DUPLICATION. Give the same presentation to others that got you to enlist in the opportunity, and the money will come. Well, that's all nice and neat, but very few will actually do this; therefore, those who they do manage to sign up will learn to duplicate inaction.

But what if there were a business opportunity that really did not require this elusive duplication need? What if there were an opportunity that provided training to those who really want it, and did the actual work for those who don't? I mean, if there were someone to do all the telling, selling, training and explaining for a person, how could they fail? By not joining, I'd say.

There are programs out there that claim they will do all the work for you, but do they? And, are they legal? Remember the highly touted Prosperity Automated System which promised to make people filthy rich, without having to really participate? They folded under governmental scrutiny.

So, can one make a legal, ethical lucrative living online? You bet! You just have to find a company that will do everything it says it will, including the mundane preaching and teaching; telling, selling and closing.

Business opportunities are a dime a dozen, but most lack in longevity. Until now, that is. A company by the name of Carbon Copy Pro has taken the human out of the equation, at least in part. They've created a system that truly does work for those who do not. They've created a system that weeds out tire kickers, and refers only the serious to seasoned professional tellers, sellers trainers and explainers. If a member wants to be trained, they will be. If a member chooses to sit back and let the professionals do the work for them, they can do that too, and everyone still makes money regardless of their personal participation. All that is really required of anyone is the ability to drive traffic to a web site given them by Carbon Copy Pro.

Good news to all the opportunity seekers online... Carbon Copy Pro is 100% legal, ethical and profitable.