Hi guys,

long time lurker..

Basically I manage roughly 300 websites spread out over a large number of servers (in process of centralizing to our couple new dedicated ones). Due to this we have settled on GA as our main usage statistics tools.

Now its not that hard for me to insert the tracking code on all these sites as we are just about to start going through and auditing each one and this can be done as part of that process.

Initially I had one "account" setup under GA with all the additional sites as a seperate profile. You are limited to 50 profiles so at the moment I have 4 accounts full up and to tell you the truth it is horrible. Its almost impossible to find the site I am looking for and I have come up with a couple of options.

Option 1 - one account per site. The accounts list is automatically organized alphabetically so apart from being a drop down list only to select wouldnt be that hard to find the site I want. The big question here is that is there a limit to the number of accounts? This also has the advantage in that I can give reporting access out on a per site level to different google accounts.

Option 2 - one account per alphabet letter, a profile per site with that letter.

Any other ideas people?