I have a concept for a website that I want to develop. After researching out various domain names, I found a very straightforward domain name that I would like to use.

The issue is that the .com is already taken, but it's not being used. It's parked. However, the .net domain is available.

Are there any legal issues, ramifications, or otherwise if I was to purchase the .net domain name and develop a website/business with it? I may even create a business entity (ie. LLC) with the name.

What rights, if any, would this company (currently sitting on their .com domain) have if they decide to use the name? And, on the flip side, what rights would I have if I've already developed the .net domain into a viable business?

(And, for argument sake, let's say that I don't want to try and purchase the .com domain at this time.)

Thank you,