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    wikipedia or blog

    we are trying to develop a system including
    information of different places of country
    bio grapgy of important person..
    and so on
    like encloypedia of country

    where user can also contribute

    at first we though of medaiwiki..but after installing we found it is not easy to write content syntax based and ..need detail planning first which will come first and son on....
    hard to change much..and so on

    and to our surprise even SE has not indexed it well

    on the other hand we have wordpress blog which is easy to enter content we can make category for each and extremly se friendly(our pages are indexed with in some hours of writing)

    but problem is user cannot edit content as wiki...

    so which should we use
    should we continue with wiki or go for wordpress...
    is there any plugin that can make wordpress in some way like wiki

    or are there any custom may be info cms(we dont need many features like poll,gallery and all)

    what should we do please help


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    Blog organizes the data based on post date, wiki is more category based.
    Wiki SEO is done manually via extensions (meta description and keywords).
    For paid solution I'd recommend articlelive from interspire.


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