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    Using JavaScript to create a reverse/mortgage. calc.


    I am trying to reverse engineer something like this and I wanted to see if there were any ideas, or if anyone had any experience in creating these types of calculators before.


    Any help is welcomed. I am totally stumped.



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    Both those calculators are done with server-side scripting (ASP in both cases, although any would work), not a client-side script (such as javascript). As such, it's only possible to see their output, so you can't gain direct access to the variables they use to make their calculation.
    There are a few ways you might be able to get round this:
    1) Find a javascript example of a calculator
    2) Speak to a lender/lenders, and find out what variables to use - perhaps a mortgage affiliate program might help you out with this?
    3) Try to analyse one of the two you mentioned by using extensive test cases, changing just one variable at a time, keeping everything else the same. You could then feasibly use statistical analysis to find regression equations for each variable, which would give you some figures to go with. This would work for house price pretty easily, DOB would be a bit trickier, but not Zip Code. For Zip Code you would literally just have to find the relative value of each and every zip code out there, which is the main reason this option is pretty unfeasible.
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