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I was reading up on XFN (XHTML Friends Network) and one of the pages that I was reading linked me to an example of a blog whose code uses XFN environment and supports XFN. So, I am am interested in the XFN for my blogging and because of that I began to study the source code of the page that I was referred to in order to see how they used the "rel" attribute in links to support XFN.

I noticed early in the <body> that the author used what I later found to be a deprecated tag, <u>, and that it contained <a> tags which were titled with keywords such as "cialis," "levitra," "lamisil," etc.

I was wondering if this is done to get hits or something?

I read about the "u" tag and I read that it is deprecated and not really used anymore, as well as its purpose being to underline its contents. How does this relate to what the author was trying to do, in your opinion?