G'day all,

This one mainly seems to be a problem on Macs vs PCs. I've been using OS X / IE 5 to develop.

To outline, the page is as follows.

There is a horizontal div across the full width of the top of the screen. Under this is another div, floating left with nav stuff in it.

The juicy stuff is in a div which is to the right of the nav stuff; this is where the problems are cropping up. This div contains a table with a width of 98%.

On Mac IE 5 and NS6, the table expands to fill this div (viz, the full horizontal space minus that occupied by the lh nav stuff) and behaves properly when the browser window is resized.

The problem arises when looking at this with IE on a PC as the table width setting appears to set itself to 98% of the screen width, thus wrapping itself to clear the nav bar, and appearing under it.

I've tried using absolute positioning on this div instead of relying on the floating left one ... which still looks fine on the Mac but gives me a squished table on the PC.

Any pointers here guys? They would be much appreciated. Let me know if I should post some code. Cheers.