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    Not really, they've just developed the websites before standards existed and therefore updating to a modern browser in most cases will break their intranet. It's that simple.

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    HTML alone cannot make anything special that is why we have JavaScript and CSS, and a slew of other languages and techniques.

    HTML is not an interface language. It is just a markup language it describes the data that is all it does. The browser takes that data and interprets it into something understandable to a computer then usable by a human.

    If it was the other way around things would be easier to customize. For instance form controls. On every platform they would look the same and function the same. But they do not this is because the HTML only tells the placement and the parameters the controls should have. The browser handles form controls itself, manages and submits it.

    The web browser has almost always been an application interface and always will be. Building an application in an intranet doesn't have its restrictions like the public network because the computer systems are controlled each one a copy of another. It is much cheaper to a business to build for a single browser then for full-fledged cross browser support.
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