I am very new to freelancing and have 2 situations where I was looking for advice on how to better handle these situations.

The first situation is where I have an individual who 10 months ago said he was interested in having me develop his company a basic website. He was unfamiliar with what type of content he should make available so I put together an informal write-up describing what I felt was appropriate. I sent this to him in an e-mail and heard nothing. I waited a week or so and e-mailed him again just asking if he had any questions from my original e-mail. I did not hear anything. If I had to do that situation over again, I should have called him over the phone but instead, I waited. To make a long story short, I never heard from him. How I initially met this person was he provided a service I used at my home (carpet cleaning), so last week I called him and asked if he would be interested in exchanging services and he said he was. So I again put together an e-mail and sent it to him but I have not heard anything. It has almost been a week. My freelance work is on the side of my part time job where I struggle at times to make phone calls to people since my cell phone does not get the greatest service inside of the building. That is why I normally e-mail. Is this a situation where I should always just call the person? He said on the last phone call that he did get my e-mails and had saved them since he was interested. I guess I am frustrated since if he is interested, why is it so difficult to make contact with him?

My second situation is I received a lead about a potential web design opportunity. I e-mailed the lady and the next day I received an e-mail back from her asking when would be a good time to meet with her. I responded to the e-mail that same day providing all the information she needed to contact of me and when I was available. One week has now gone by and I have not heard anything.

The reason I wanted to outline both of these situations is to see how others handle communication with potential clients. For example, when you send a potential client an e-mail, how long do you wait before you try and contact them again? Do you try to contact them again through e-mail or do you then try the phone? In my previous freelance opportunities, we almost exclusively discussed things over e-mail. Is this the norm for others or does it require more phone conversations?

I would appreciate any advice anyone could provide.