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    Newlines in function arguments


    I'm having trouble making a javascript function call from HTML when newline characters are in the string. The actual HTML is written into the document dynamically from the Javascript with no apparent problem. The function to which the string is passed is intended to write the string into an HTML textarea so I need to preserve newline characters in a way the textarea can use.

    First of all, I tried this:
    commentsR = comments.replace(new RegExp( "\\n", "g" ), "\\r");

    Which does seem to place \r where expected, but the string call still fails with "unterminated string constant" and using the MS debugger and copying and pasting the string into a textpad reveals there are still line break characters in the string - I have no idea what these are or how to find and replace them.

    I tried using encodeURI which seemed to do the trick but when the string was passed back with decodeURI I found that as well as preserving the newlines, it had added a normal space character after each newline.

    Anyone help me out with what to do here?


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    Can you please post the function call that's giving the "unterminated string constant" and also a sample of the troublesome string, perhaps after you've run the escape() function over that string?

    It doesn't appear to be a newline problem, but more of an issue with opening and closing quotes.
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