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    Adwords: Disapproved ads->copyright: how to filter?


    I have generated a list of 5000 long tail keywords and added them in 3 ad groups.

    All ad groups have been disapproved due to copyright.

    I dont understand whether is the keywords Im bidding on or if its the ad text.
    The ad text is:

    "Free Music Trial 14 Days
    Unlimited music downloads legal!
    Above 2 million songs"

    Cant see how that could be copyrighted?

    Some of the keywords are like:

    "kanye west free mp3 music download today legal"

    Do you think its the ad text or the keywords?

    If its the keywords, can I filter the copyrighted somehow?

    Thanks for reading this.


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    Having never worked in the niche I'm going to go out on a limb and state that Google is banning you not for the copyrights of the artists/ songtitles but rather the copyright of your destination site & offering. There are a lot of sites selling "legal" music out there illegally and Google probably stops anyone coming in off the street and advertising for those types of terms.

    If the service you offer is indeed legal in the countries you are advertising in (and likely in the US as well as that's where Google is based) you will probably need to contact Google for an exception. They provide a live chat option for AdWords customers and that may be your best bet to track down exactly what is causing the problem.
    - Ted S


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