Hi all,

I am creating a reporting system to display the contents of some SQL tables. I'm a bit of a newbie, not too bad at HTML but still learning PHP at quite a basic level.

My system has a MS SQL back end with PHP 5 front end.

I am trying to 'copy' an existing reporting system that was written in ASP (Codecharge studio i think was used). A screenshot of that is here:

The requirement is very simple. I just need to output the SQL table data with sortable column headings (which I can do myself, albeit quite crudely) but in addition, I need a search box which will enable me to search the table data, by column heading.

Is there a script out there that I can tweak to perform this function? Most scripts I've seen are single field, full-text searches of whole tables, rather than the type of search in this example. Additionally, most scripts are "MySQL / PHP" not "MS SQL / PHP".