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    Problem with moving layer(javascript)


    I have a problem with javascript in moving layer.The basic requirement is to create a moving layer,but the layer should be 100% visible on screen it will not hide when you move layer with mouse.Here I am attaching the file.

    If change the code in dd(e) function the layer is moving well,but it is moving out the screen.

    function dd(e){
    if (!ddEnabled) return; ? nowX+event.clientX-offsetx : nowX+e.clientX-offsetx; ? nowY+event.clientY-offsety : nowY+e.clientY-offsety;

    return false;

    If I replace the function dd(e) in mlayer.html file the layer is visible completly(100% you con't hide the layer ) on the screen, but it is not moving properly.

    function dd(e){
    if (!ddEnabled) return;

    var Xposition = isIE ? nowX+event.clientX-offsetx : nowX+e.clientX-offsetx;
    if(Xposition >= 0 && (Xposition+whichDog.offsetWidth) < document.body.clientWidth) Xposition;
    var Yposition = isIE ? nowY+event.clientY-offsety : nowY+e.clientY-offsety;
    if(Yposition >= 0 && (Yposition+whichDog.offsetHeight) < document.body.clientHeight) Yposition;
    if((Xposition)==0 && (Yposition) == 0){ = 1; = 1;
    return false;

    Please let me know the solution for this.
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    4 Thread(s) has a script for correctly determining the mouse coordinates that should help.
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