Hey All,

I'm looking for software but I'm not sure what it's called so I'm having a real hard time googling for it At first I thought maybe project management, but that's not yielding what I expected.

I'm looking for a software or service where as a developer you or some type of project leader you can login, setup a project (say "Develop Sitepoint.com"), then setup task ("Build Forums, Due x/y/z", "Get Bloggers by x/y/z"), and upload files (Contracts, Templates, Images, etc) --- all of these are tied to a specific project. You could then create accounts not only for other developers to view and upload projects they are granted rights to, but also to a client so that they may download contracts, images, etc. and also upload things into their projects repository.

This way, instead of emailing clients out their contracts or having them look through various inboxs and folders as they need things, they can always login to the repository. They could also see tasks that the developers / designers have completed and the tasks that they themselves have outstanding.

Anyone seen anything like this out there already?