Now that you have managed the manage , here is the next step on this project.

First impression: Much better

Now to the meat. Color choices are also much better, toned down and for the distance appropriate. Also stylized as colors go as well. When you start working on the foreground, you can increase color or dim/de-saturate what you have here at the moment. It is always surprising when you work on a project like this one how strong colors really are. The first thing that popped into my eye was the repetition of the scene, a thing that you should not do in a landscape, it never is like that in nature. Later you can use that deliberately as an effect or in a wall paper, but you are not working on that right now. Try to vary the heights a little bit instead, also the shapes.

The "beach" is too light, tone it down. The reflection needs to repeat what is reflected You started right with the mountains, but I do not see the sky, that lavender and cloudiness. Just take the top part of the image, flip it to mirror it, then run a gradient from blue > transparent from the bottom over the reflection. Make the reflection a little bit lighter than the real thing.

You should imagine what the sky higher up would look like, because that is what would reflect in the lower part of the water. Into that reflection comes the influence of the water itself and the bottom of the sea/lake, so the color can shift there into all sorts of different ways and can even show sand, rocks, tree trunks, old shoes , whatever you might find there.

I am glad you put the little wind surfer in, it lends a reality and scale to this rendering. The only thing I would have done is let him sail into the picture versus out of the picture. You always want to keep the attention of the viewer lead into the scene, not away from it. That goes for all graphics, renderings, paintings etc. I always imagine the work to be a circle, and all things have to be brought back to it, so the eye only gets guided within this shape and gets captured, trapped into it.

To make it more interesting, you can also imagine the sun coming from one side of this image. That would give you the opportunity to lay shadows in, to define better, but we get to that later. Let's just say it is a day without the sun being obvious.

You are definitely showing much improvement, I am looking forward to the correction of this step. Do that first, then we can go on after that. It looks like you had some fun