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    video file protection


    I have limited flash knowledge and have been googling this topic like crazy, but have yet to find the information I am looking for. I have a bunch of long flv files that I am going to be serving over a wowza server. I am using flowplayer to play the clips (open to other players if this can be done with them). I would like to limit the amount of time that non-members can watch clips for.

    So, when someone visits the site and is not logged in, they are limited to say 10 seconds of the clip. Once they log in they can watch the whole thing.

    I haven't found out how to only play part of a video so that is problem #1, but problem #2 is protecting the url of the flv file. For example, if I find out how to use flash variables or something to only play a portion of the clip, I don't want surfers to be able to figure out the source flv file and then download it themselves to get around the restrictions.

    If anyone knows of documentation, tutorials, etc, that may even vaguely help me figure out how to implement this, I would really appreciate the help!


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    You'll need to implement some server side logic in wowza to cut the stream after 10 seconds. You could also implement this in the client side actionscript but it would be bypassable by anybody willing to decompile the player. The url of the flv file isn't particularly relevant when served from wowza - as it's served over rtmp you couldn't download this directly, and the file won't cache either.

    Here's a quick example that may help in implementing the logic:

    Not logged in:
    Client swf requests video -> Server starts video playback, creates a start time. Server checks periodically through connected clients and stops playback if time played >10 seconds and client isn't logged in.

    Logged in:
    User logs in -> server creates a temporary and unique access code, stores in memory and sends to client swf. (e.g like a cookie)
    User requests video -> pass the id back. Server checks this is a valid id that hasn't expired, plays back video.


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