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    Question onchange input form help

    I am looking to toggle onchange a div to display: visible to show the article 'a' if the first entered letter of the input field is aeiou or 'an' for any other letter. Keep in mind I want it in a separate div - not tacked onto the front on the input value.

    And, once the input field has a value, toggle the submit button to display: visible.

    Unfortunately, I have no clue on the vowel toggle.

    Any direction would be very helpful...


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    You have the input element on which you're going to place the article "a" or "an" in a div just before it.

    Code javascript:
    <input type="text" name="myObject">

    Then we
    • attach an event to the input
    • create the div if it doesn't already exist

    Code javascript:
    var input = document.getElementById('myObject');
    input.onchange = updateArticle;
    // create article
    if (!document.getElementById('myArticle')) {
    	var div = document.createElement('div'); = 'myArticle';
    	input.parentNode.insertBefore(div, input);

    Now that things are ready, we can put together the updateArticle() function which will
    • clear the div
    • work out if "a" or "an" is to be used
    • update the div

    Code javascript:
    function updateArticle() {
        var myArticle = document.getElementById('myArticle');
        // clear article
        while (myArticle.firstChild) {
        // set article
        var term = 'a';
        if (this.value.match(/^[aeiou]/)) {
            term = 'an';
        // update article
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