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    Write a Question Form

    I need to design "write a question to the bank" form where the user should fill in the contents so that the question is added to the bank.
    The website offers 5 types of questions: multiple correct, fill in blanks, matching, multiple choice, and true/false questions. I need help in designing such forms and also some suggestions on how to arrange the layout.
    Another extra feature is available which is specifying certain values that are chosen randomly to generate different answers (I have no idea how this thing can be implemented!!)

    Here is the db tables:
    Question: ID, content, type, number of choices, difficulty level
    Correct Answers: Question_ID, correct answer
    Question's choices: Question_ID, Choice
    Question's pic: Question_ID, pic
    Question Parameter: Question_ID, Parameter

    Thanks in advance.

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    Hi, the reason you have not had a reply is because this is the php help forum. So it is assumed that you have got php and mysql all set up and running on your server and maybe on your local development pc as well; and that you have taken yourself some way on the path of learing php and sql. If you want someone to write you a solution from scratch you may be better off posting a request in the trading post. Otherwise if you want to develop this yourself, then this forum can help you on your way.


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