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    Banner Ad pluging for WordPress?

    Over the next several months, my company is launching a few new projects to offer specialized hosting to niche markets. Each of these project will have its own website, and some lend themselves to being monetized. The first of the projects has been launched (but hasn't been advertised as of yet), and I'd like to include banner and/or sidebar ads in the site.

    The site is using the Patriotic Theme. (Just to give an idea of what I'm working with)

    What's a good, simple plug-in for adding banner adds to the footer and/or sidebar?

    Also... is there a plug-in that allows a blog to show RSS feeds from other blogs? I'd like to have a box in the sidebar that says "What our members are saying" and shows titles and perhaps teasers from the last N posts from member sites.
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    I don't have any suggestions for a banner plugin, but I have seen some in the WordPress plugin repository.
    For RSS feeds, login and go to "Presentation -> Widgets" and add a RSS feed widget to the sidebar.
    Enter the RSS feed URL here: ---
    Give the feed a title (optional): --- and select
    How many items would you like to display? (1 to 10)


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