i just want to share this to you. Hope you can learn from this.

A client called me up last Wednesday to make websites for him. He wants a HYIP site. I don't know what's High-yield investment program and the good thing is that he is willing to pay me just as long as i could make the websites for him. He wants 4 High-yield investment program (HYIP) sites with different name but with the same functionality.

after the down payment, we met the next time to discuss about how the site works and it's functionality. When i was about to meet him, a friend of mine from the Military Air force give me a surprise visit and agreed to accompany me so we can go bar hopping afterwards. He sat beside at the meeting and listening about how the online payment was done and how the site works. He just keep quite for an hour while listening to our discussion. After the meeting he told me that the clients business was more of a SCAM since he knows a lot like it but not sure how it works online. He is not a techy guy and just a normal internet user. And says that i should be careful.

When we got to the mall, i researched the keyword in google = "HYIP". Wikipedia confirms that HYIP is actually an internet scan. read more here: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/High-yi...stment_program

just today, i returned the cheque (down payment) along with a document to prove that i will no longer interested in making business with him. The money he offered was high but i don't think i can live with the thought that the money came from a dirty way.

Hope you guys learn from my experience and won't make a scam websites in anyway.