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Why do I feel that this industry is so undervalued
The markets never been undervalued, but if your at the end of the market competing for low value work, then you've got no show of competing with every second person with a computer and paintshop pro, and not just those from third world economies.

High value client's identify designers they want to work with by portfolio, word of mouth, and/or reputation. There usually isn't a sum they won't pay for 'arguably' showcase quality productions and designers who are 'arguably' the best in the business.

High value clients, number in the millions, and the numbers increase everyday. So those designers are very busy people, they make a lot of money - they have a lot of talent.

There may come a time when the curve evens out, leading to more competition at the higher end of the market... I doubt anytime soon.

But isn't it the same with all trades? The best plumbers cost more, even a nicer Pizza can cost double that of one less tasty - gosh, even flying first class costs more than business class, and in economy class - we'll, there's plenty to choose from there and which would you pick if the difference was 5 bucks? does the "who" really matter?

But if you've travelled first class, it doesn't take long to figure out who "deserves" your business. You get picky about who you'll fly with, better cheese boards, bigger LCD panels, nicer selection of wines - and do you bother to even look at economy class?

Airlines try and think like their first class passengers, it gives them a show at understanding what it takes to get and retain their business