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    Localizing Content for Multiple Languages

    I am working on a PHP program that I plan publishing fairly soon. I set it up to change content very easily so I can localize it for several languages. What I didn't think about was actually translated the content. Any tips for getting my content translated?

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    There are several translation programs available on the Internet and several sites that offer free translation services.

    However, I have yet to find one that works effectively for several languages. If you want accurate translation, I think your best bet is to hire it done by someone who is fluent in the language of your original text and the language(s) you want it translated to.

    You might try placing an ad in "Looking to Hire" in the Site Point marketplace if you're interested in finding a translator. Other options are Craig's list or do a Search Engine Search for translation services. A search will give you both free, on-line alternatives and translation applications as well as human translation services.
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    Some people think there is a difference between localization and translation.

    Translation is simply getting the sentences into another language.

    Localization means translation of cultural meaning and contexts. That might mean, for example, where you write an article using American businesses and examples, a localized article would be rewritten to include local businesses and business practices common for the foreign culture.

    A translated article might be about the American side of the problems when Americans work with Germans. The localized article would be rewritten point-for-point from the German point of view. This means the English version might have one set of techniques the German article would have a different set of techniques -- simply because one is for the Americans to follow the other would obviously be about what the Germans should do.

    If it's a healthcare article, a localized article acknowledges foreign countries have different healthcare systems and completely different options, with completely different attitudes about health.

    There are a lot of articles around detailing the comic results when people simply translate pages without localizing them.


    How eight pixels cost Microsoft millions

    China bans Nike TV ad as national insult Nothing about this ad was "mistranslated" rather it shows cultural cluelessness -- it wasn't localized.


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