I'm in the process of making my way through Sitepoint's "Build your own Ruby on Rails Web applications" but I'm encountering an error.

I'm running on Leopard btw.

After running script/server, then loading localhost:3000 the page loads perfectly. When I click on "About your application’s environment" I get the following:

Ruby version 1.8.6 (universal-darwin9.0)
RubyGems version 1.0.1
Rails version 2.0.2
Active Record version 2.0.2
Action Pack version 2.0.2
Active Resource version 2.0.2
Action Mailer version 2.0.2
Active Support version 2.0.2
Application root /Users/liamks/Documents/programs/rails/shovell
Environment development
Database adapter mysql

However, when I go back to the terminal I get the following:
arameters: {"action"=>"properties", "controller"=>"rails/info"}
SQL (0.000215) SET NAMES 'utf8'
SQL (0.000000) Mysql::Error: Table 'shovell_development.schema_info' doesn't exist: SELECT version FROM schema_info

I've checked mysql via MySQLadministrator and the Table shovell_development does exist. I'm not sure why it's giving this error!

my setup:
adapter: mysql
encoding: utf8
database: shovell_development
username: root
host: localhost
#socket: /tmp/mysql.sock

when I uncomment the socket line, and comment out the host it still works.