This weekend I attended the "Rails for All" conference here in Orlando.
If you were there, I was the 'old guy' in the middle of the room cracking jokes
I must stay I was quite impressed with the event. The speakers were outstanding.
By far, Bryan Liles had the most entertaining and engaging talk. Congratulations, Bryan, on your first time as a keynote speaker!
We heard from
  • Ezra Zygmuntowicz & Evan Phoenix on merbus
  • Neal Ford of ThoughtWorks on DSL (What a fascinating talk!)
  • Peter Armstrong with "Rails on AIR". Kudos to Peter for working without a net*
  • Dan Benjamin about his experience with Cork'd
  • Charles Nutter on JRuby <- the single most enlightening talk for me personally
  • Anthony Eden revealed some of the "Dark Magic of ActiveRecord" <- my [i]other[/] favorite of the lectures
  • I cannot say enough about Bryan Liles' wonderful presentation on Test Driven Design and (anti)RSpec
  • Charles Brian Quinn shared some Lessons from BootCamp training experience
  • Obie Fernandez shared his experience as an artist (and musician) and a coder

The accomodations were perfect, the location was ideal, the event was a huge success (sold out)
If you were there, let us know what YOU think. If not - shame on you, come next year.
Particular Kudos to the Orlando Ruby User's Group (Jason and Naomi) for organizing just a successful event!

Thanks to Les Allan, here are some Photos from the conference
*Peter's laptop had failed just hours before the presentation. He lost all his prepared slides and had to fabricate an application to show off.