I hope you can help. Here's an scernio...Say if you click on 'Tools' in your menu bar. When you click on 'Tools' notice the first option is highlighted. You than can highlight all that follows in the list with your mouse or by your up and down bottoms on keyboard. What I seeking is similar, but without the drop down box. I am looking for a way to create an HTML text file similar to the way the highlight option appears in the drop down box. So, in the HTML text file I would create I can move up and down the page using my error keys on keyboard. In addition, as I move up and down with my error keys each line that is on the page will highlight. I believe using Javascript I would use onkeyup or onkeydown, correct? What would this be called using Javascript or should I use another language? However, I have been searching every where for source code to do so and no where have I found. Thank you in advance for your help.