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Thread: ruby on rails

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    ruby on rails

    I bought the book "build ruby on rails web applicatiosn" by patrick LENZ.
    Installed ruby on Vista PC.
    I open windows console and type "InstantRails" launch apache & mysql and ruby console...all is OK !
    But now, when I try the exercices of the book, there is a problem with @.
    It is impossible to show @...
    Somebody can explain or have the same problem ...?
    I will try probably to desinstall and re-install ruby, but how long it is...!

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    I was unable to install MySQL on Vista. According to the MySQL site, it will not work.
    How did you get MySQL working in Vista? I would love to copy your success.

    BTW: That is an EXCELLENT book!
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    I've seen people report this before, I think it was decided that it is a problem with the install that InstantRails does for the interactive ruby shell (irb). I'm not sure if there was a solution proposed beside installing ruby/mysql/apache on your own (which I highly suggest doing anyways, by the way).
    You should be able to find the threads in this category if you do a little digging.
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