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    Starting a data-driven site...

    Hi all:
    I am planning a data-driven site but money is a huge issue (i.e. dedicated server, etc is out of the question) . It's going to be a .org so you can imagine the money that is flowing in, right? What's the cheapest option? This isn't mission critical stuff we are talking about here, a little down time here and there is no big deal.

    So under this "cheap" option, where would the database reside? Could like a MySQL file just sit on your site in a folder. I am opening myself up here...sorry. Don't know these back-end things.

    There are a million companies that you can pay like $15 to $40 a month for hosting and get yourself a pretty kick-*** static site. So now you want to bring a database (let's say MySQL) into play, do those prices still generally apply?

    What do most people do in this situation? Low traffic, data-driven, etc...

    I am lost...Sorry to be so vague, but I have to start somewhere...

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    I would like to point out another option, running your own server. You can download a webserver to use (most people go for Apache), and download a server-side scripting language parser (in this case, most people choose PHP) and use them together with your MySQL database. This would mean the server would reside on your pc, and with a persistent Internet connection and Apache running, your pc would be the webserver.

    Now, back to your original question: the database usually resides as a 'program' on the harddisk of your pc, which is then connected to using a server-side scripting langauge -- as in PHP.

    I believe those prices to still apply even for the database driven website, but you would start out with a beginners package with most hosts. This would mean the bandwith is low -- and in some cases it means no MySQL database. The latter could be solved by using the service of FreeSQL, which offers one free MySQL database. They are currently down for a month, as is stated on the website, but when they are back up, they might provide the service you are looking for as well (if your host doesn't offer a MySQL database in the hosting package of course).

    I hope this helps you out a bit, if you have any more questions, feel free to ask.


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