I would love to hear your opinions about a PPC rate to suit this type of website.
I can't give to much info atm, but i will tell you the site is a consumer product search tool.
The products range from Laptops to gadgets etc..

This means the user has:
1. Visited the product comparison site
2. Executed a search for specific product's
3. Found the ad of interest
4. Read the retailers product description, price, Seen Picture's & possibly video etc.
5. Seen how it stacks up to other retailers products
6. Found the retailers product to be of the most interest to them
7. Decided to visit the retailers website

Advertiser Pays for the consumer who has searched for, Read about, seen images of, compared with other products, visited them.

In comparison to google's:
1. Visited Google
2. Executed a search when possibly not looking to buy a Product
4. Found the Title & Short description of interest to them
5. Visited the site for more information

Google Advertiser Pays for the visitors basic desire to find out more in many cases.

This means (to me anyway) that it's the most targeted PPC traffic campeign tool i have heard of.
I know that a commission per sale would work well, but the question is about PPC only.

I have several friends google Adsence reports, showing the average earning per click to be around $0.10 / 10c in total.
But this is what they are payed, not what advertisers are paying.

Do you think, if selling PPC to retailers that only pay when the potential consumer visits them after performing the above seven actions, charging 10c per interested consumer is to High, or to low?

I guess you could call this CPA - Per Action and not PPC in some ways.
What do you think would be a fair rate to charge for this traffic, ignoring the commission per sale campeigns.

TIA Guys