We all know that there is tons of free JavaScript scripts/components in the net, but it's really difficult to find the very best of them. So post here only the best.

- It should work in all main browsers at least in: IE6+, Firefox and Opera.
- Easy to use -> Easy and flexible configuration
- It should be free to use.
- Don't post frameworks, we have other threads for that.

AND PLEASE DO NOT JUST POST LINKS, write some kind of description.

HTML Table filter script (v 1.6)
Really nice script which makes your html-tables filterable, tons of options eg. Row count, drop-down filters.

usage example:
Code JavaScript:

And voila your table has become filterable, can't get any easier.

Standardista Table Sorting
Makes html-tables sortable. Combine with HTML Table filter mentioned above and you have filterable and sortable html-table.

Code HTML4Strict:
<table class="sortable">
<tr><td>Click to sort by this column</td><td>Click to sort by this column</td>
So you don't need a single line of javascript just set table class to sortable and specify thead and tbody blocks to table.

The DHTML / JavaScript Calendar
Best datepicker component I've found yet. Demos:

Code HTML4Strict:
<script type="text/javascript">
      inputField  : "data",         // ID of the input field
      ifFormat    : "%m %d, %Y",    // the date format
      button      : "trigger"       // ID of the button