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    I have just recently put a few asp pages on my website, however, whenever I wish to collect data or update a specific record I receive an error that says I have read only access. I was told that this had something to do with the hosting company and the default permissions that they put on the Database folder. Has anyone seen this? If so, how did you overcome the issue?

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    Chances are you don't have write access to your database. For security reasons your database and web pages should be in two different locations. The web pages will have read and execute security. This allows everyone to see them and run the scripts but not add to them. Your database will be in a location that has read and write but not execute security. On my host there is a standard directory structure of:
    x:\username\data 'for databases and other read/write files
    x:\username\www 'for asp and perl scripts as well as HTML.

    Contact your host and find out where you should put your database, whether or not you need a DSN and have them set up a DSN for you if needed.

    Wayne Luke
    Internet Media Provider


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