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    Why is there a difference between the GD library and ImageMagick?

    Hello... I first started using the GD library in my little CMS for people uploading images and it resizing them on the fly... Thing I found, on my hoster's servers anyhow, is that the GD library seemed to have a limit on how big the original image could be... Anything bigger than 1024x768, for example, seemed to create an error. When I use ImageMagick, to do the same task, it seems not to matter how big the original image is... It'll resize anything I throw at it.

    Is this memory restriction something to do with GD itself or the way my hosters have set up there site?

    Should I ultimately write my Images class so it can handle ImageMagick and GD?

    Could somebody explain to me the advantages and disadvantages of using GD or ImageMagick. Thanks!

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    GD is native to PHP with the normal installation and so you can use the in built php functions. Handles most things thrown at it with varying degrees of success.

    ImageMagick on the other hand has to be installed and activated. Apart from that IM outstrips GD on so many levels it should be swapped for GD as the default program of choice!
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