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    multiple columns of varying height

    the classic problem: i have a design with about 5 columns and each column needs a separate background to stretch all the way to the bottom, even if the content doesnt and the length of the content can not be predicted.

    so there is the faux columns technique but this breaks when users increase their font size. is there another (easy) solution to this problem? ive gone through all my books and bookmarks but i cant seem to find a decent robust solution to achieve this.

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    The faux columns should work even with text resize unless you have set the column widths in ems of course.

    I have a method here that works without using images but takes a little work to set up properly for IE6. Other browsers are pretty straight forward and the concept works with any number of columns and the columns can be fluid or fixed.

    Read the article for more info.

    Hope that helps.


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