I was wondering if I can receive some legal advice. I am a web developer and have a personal website that acts like a CV/portfolio. My website has information about my job roles, at all the previous companies I have worked for.

Today I received a phone call from the director, from a past company I left 5 years ago. He says my website is listed directly underneath their site when you type in his company name in Google.co.uk. He says he has received complaints from customers who enter his website name and find my site underneath.

He has Ďaskedí for me to remove references to his company and ensure I am not listed high in the search engines anymore when people google his company name.

From the web logs, I have seen that there has been low google traffic to my site and no customer has visited my site from googling his company name. I also, have not written anything offensive of untruthful comments about his company on my site. All I have written about is my job role and skills gained.

Do I have to remove all references to the company. If not, what are the threats of keeping my website as it is?