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    Smile MySQL compatibility

    Hey there...
    I am trying to put together a data-driven site for a non profit org. There budget is tiny and my knowledge of databases other than Access is even tinier.

    I have a personal website up and running with Access behind the scenes right now. I insert/update/delete/select from it with no problem.

    As I understand it, MS Access is not designed as a multi-user database and something else should be used instead.

    What's the deal with MySQL? Is it really open source. If I know SQL and have done a data-driven site with Access, will the transition to MySQL be relatively pain-free?

    Sorry for the ignorance, I am just getting into the "backend".


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    Yes if you are familiar with SQL queries then moving to mySQL should be relatively painless.

    mySQL is opensource and free and Access was never designed to be used in the way it is used now with ASP as I assume thats what you are coding in atm.

    A few good reads:


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