Getting good pictures is really not as hard as it seems. You don't always need to have a good camera either. A consumer one will do as long as you can get 5 or 6 megapixels out of it. You want to try to get the best picture you can so you have to photoshop less later.

If it is a large object like a piece of furniture, I would get large sheet of white paper, like an end roll from a newspaper company, they usually sell them to you pretty cheap, I get them anywhere from $2.00 to $5.00, depending on how large it is. You can normally tape it to a wall or shelf or something and put your piece in front of it. Also locating it near a window will give you lots of natural light, which can help your photos alot.

An even easier route would be to find a nice simple wall or something in the shop and just take your pictures in front of it. Then photoshop them to correct the lighting etc. I find that the white piece of paper does help though if you plan to photoshop your image out all together and put it on a different background, it's alot easier to magic wand the image this way.

If it's a small product like a watch or something you can get a lightbox and some small lights at a camera shop for pretty cheap. Find a good professional camera shop not Ritz or Wolf cameras they are oriented more towards consumers. At a professional shop you can find all kinds of lightboxes, lights, those big silver discs etc, and most of it is pretty inexpensive. I recently saw pop up lightbox for about $20.00 with two small lights for about $30.00 for the pair.

Good Luck

Jodi :0)