Sorry to cram all this in one message, but it's all on my mind, any help is greatly appreciated.

First, can PHP output its processing to a text file, such as building an HTML file, but saving it, instead of just working it on the fly? Or would CGI be better for that?

Second, I have an html form, that is accepting input from the user to pass along and insert into a table, my problem/question involves accepting input from the user in the proper format. Take this table layout for instance:

---------- tbltest ----------

first_name VARCHAR(30)
last_name VARCHAR(30)
birthdate DATE
description BLOB

---------- end -----------

In my submitform.html, I have :

<form action=submitform.php3 method=get>

First Name : <input type=text name=first_name size=30 maxlength=30>

Last Name : <input type=text name=last_name size=30 maxlength=30>

#### Down to this point works with no problems ####

Birth Date : <input type=date name=birthdate>

#### For birthdate, is there anyway to tell the form to accept only a certain format, or would it just be easier to request a YYYY in one box, MM in another, and DD in the last and put them together in the order I want before sending them to mysql? ####

Description :

#### In the description area is where I really have my main question, what is the proper "type" that I can use to provide a bigger text box (much like the one I'm typing in now for this message, with scrollbar) ? I did have type=text maxlength=255, but that doesn't work too well, as some of my descriptions are larger than 255 chars. ####

Thanks again,