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    Notice: This is a discussion thread for comments about the SitePoint article, The Art and Science of JavaScript.

    reminds me of the old Wolfenstein 5K

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    Mathieu 'p01' Henri
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    The only thing in common is the maze based on a regular grid. The rendering technique and approach are completely different. And of course there is no enemies & items.

    However, if you liked wolk5k in its time, you should really look at 3D TOMB II. It goes a "few" steps further ... in just less than 4 Kb.

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    This maze must be using a completed different model than this tutorial - it's pretty different to anything i've seen doen with js:

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    Mathieu 'p01' Henri
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    Wolf 5k, Canvascape and Canvex all use raycasting either against a regular grid or a BSP for the later one.

    Raycasting has been done in JS for at least 6 years.

    3D TOMB II uses floor casting against a regular grid.

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    Like James says at the beginning, this is not the best tool to use for building a game, but I've given this a 10/10 for its brilliance of thinking. James, you are either the smartest JavaScript (and all round) developer I know, or you are teh most insane. I'm not sure which it is ;-)


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