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    Talking Flash 5 setup / shortcuts / tips

    Im laid up at home today (same cold i've had for the past few years... just cant seem to shake it) [img]images/smilies/tongue.gif[/img]

    anyhoo, i think it'd be a good idea to share some of our time saving Flash 5 shortcut keys, set-up's and tips. These are the PC keys, for a Mac replace Ctrl with the Apple key (i think it is ;-)

    One of the new features to Flash 5 was a clunky Frame selection style... it basically selects all the Frames for an Object even if you only want the one Frame (I hear there going back to the old Flash 4 methords with Flash MX - that was a lot faster ;-)

    You can still use this methords in Flash 5 by going to:
    Top Menu > Edit > Preferences... > General Tab > and tick the 'Flash 4 Selection Style' and 'Flash 4 Frame Drawing'

    Paste in Place (Paste any Objects on the Stage in the exact position you Copied / Cut them from)
    Select your Object.... Ctrl+C (copy) or Ctrl+X (cut) Ctrl+Shift+V (paste in place)

    Copy and Paste Frames (This works best with the Flash 4 Selection Style turned on. If you need to manually duplicate slightly different Symbols this shortcut can save untold time)
    Select your 1st Frame with your mouse, while holding Shift (for full area of Frames) or Ctrl (for single Frames) click on your End Frame or Layer (the area highlighted black is what your going to copy). Ctrl+Alt+C (copy Frames) and Ctrl+Alt+V (paste in place Frames)

    Switch between Movies (FLA's)
    Bit of an obvious one this but useful all the same if you need to jump between movies within the Flash editor: Alt+W+1, 2, 3, 4, 5 (depending on the movie to jump too)

    Will post some more soon... anyone else?
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    Get quick, complete colour control in the 'advanced' effect palette

    This is a tricky beast at times, and kinda hard to understand when you start off in Flash. For instance, sometimes you want to 'tint' a graphic to a specific colour AND have an alpha transaprency on it too. The quick way to do this is to click on 'tint' in the effects palette... and make it the colour you wish. Then click on Advanced, the graphic will remain the tint you selected, and now you can adjust transparency, vary the colour a bit from the original tint, all kinds of stuff.

    This is a technique I use quite often, and came across by accident...very useful in my book! Use this technique to use your symbols in your library as effectvley as possible!

    Utilise custom colour libraries
    Usually you just want to make sure you are always using the same colour schemes in a project. When I am moving into the production stage, from visual stage, I always build up a custom colour palette, so I don't select the wrong colour by accident. This is a much more efficient way of working too!

    The simplest way is to:
    1>Click on 'swatches'.

    2>Click the little options arrow (top right), choose 'clear colours' - this will leave you with only black and white colour chips.

    3>Create simple rectangles of the colours you wish to use in your project on the stage.

    4>Use the eye dropper tool to 'sample' the colour so it appears in the mixer plaette.

    5>Click the little options arrow (top right) in the mixer, and choose 'add swatch'.

    6>Repeat for all desired colours.

    7>In the swatches palette, click on 'Save Colours'.

    Now you have a custom colour library avalable to load at any time! This is useful if you are creating other movies to load on other layers. You can also share this library with other designers, to make sure you are all using the same colours. Simple, yet very effective! This can save a whole bunch of trouble in the long-run, and I strongly advise you do this for all projects!
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