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    Help with a simple javascript web-app

    I have attached a mockup illustrating the functionality that I am trying to achieve.

    Essentially, I would like to allow the user to alter a simple image consisting of a few variable objects. Drop down boxes will allow the user to choose a color for two of the objects, and a shape for the other two objects. If possible, I would like the changes that the user makes to immediately appear (i.e. without page refresh).

    I figure i will have to use pre-existing images for each of the objects (they are more complicated than the ones pictured). Naturally, I would like to create independent images for each each object that the code would automatically align properly, rather than creating a composite image for each combination of the four objects.

    I would greatly appreciate it if someone could give describe the process I need to go through to achieve this. Perhaps some existing scripts that I might be able to use or similar functionality that youve come across. I'm fairly new to programming (I have some HTML/CSS experience but not a whole lot of JS), so the more detailed the better.

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