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    Background image being covered?

    I have a background image on a section of my page with photo gallery thumbnails, but the image will not repeat to the bottom of the section as I'd like. The group of thumbnails are floated, and seem to be covering the background image of the container.

    I tried the background:transparent as suggested below. It seems to work partially in IE, but not Firefox.

    If I do not float the thumbnails, the image repeats. Probably a stupid question, but are floated elements block level elements, and thus cover the background image of their container div? Floating takes them out of the normal flow, right? I guess I'm getting a little confused and I've been poking at it so long it doesn't make sense anymore.

    Can anyone give me some info to help me figure out what I'm doing wrong? Thank you!
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    try background:transparent url(images/corner.gif) top left no-repeat;
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