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    Freaky Ajax question

    I am cluless if this is the right place to ask this but here it goes.

    Is it possible to use ajax to create an object on the foreground of a website that is not linear shaped? (which means that it would have transparent areas where bit of the website in the background would be seen)

    The idea is to have a remote control that is slightly curved on top of the website that is movable everywhere.

    Here is the example:

    Is this even possible with Ajax?

    If not, is it possible at all without the website being 100% flash?

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    Hey Pedro,
    Yes, it is possible through AJAX also. Actually speaking this is a part that will be handled in Javascript. DO you need to hit server for any specific reason? if yes then go for AJAX else no need to use that.
    as far as showing the object with partial or full transparent is done by setting opacity of an element. Again this could be a problem for cross browser compatibility.

    As far as Flash is concern, it can give you hell lot of options and much better solution than DHTML (i.e. previous approach).

    what is that GUIA stands for?
    Vikrant Korde
    S Y S T I M E, Mhape,
    Mumbai, Maharashtra, India.


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